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July 2011


9 months old….

Well, my Ella is 9 months old today. (Well actually I am writing this at midnight so yesterday) I know I always say time is flying…but it really is. And it makes me sad…my baby is growing up so fast. I am looking forward to all the fun times ahead but I do miss the early stages already. But I can’t stop time, so there is no point dwelling on it. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful and healthy baby girl. She is just perfect! (Don’t all us momma’s think  ...

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Lifestyle Photography

Studio Vs. Lifestyle Photography

  This is a very informative article for everyone to read! I came across this article and contacted the author to see if I could share it. She is such a sweethart and gave me permission. Her links to her website and facebook are listed below.  Thank you so much Jennifer for allowing me to share!       Studio Vs. Lifestyle Photography Close to Home Photography The Comparison      Before I begin on this subject I want to note that I had to do a bit of research before taking on this blog post.  ...

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