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March 2012

Little Ones, Personal

Just Being Her | Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky Children Photographer

So…I get asked all the time…”I bet you take tons of pictures of your little one!” Well, I actually don’t take as much as I thought I would…because she HATES my camera. On a rare occasion, I feel frisky enough to tangle with her. And today was one of the days. We just got back from a check up at the doctor office and Grandma was here to help me so we went out to take some Easter pictures. Now I have ordered an amazing dress for Easter..but its not in yet.  ...

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Haley::Senior 2012 | Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky Lifestyle Photographer

Meet Haley, a 2012 senior. We had another beautiful afternoon this past weekend for our shoot! So far March has been so pretty and super busy with shoots! 🙂  I am loving it. I want to thank Haley and her mom, Carla, for coming to me for these pictures. I had a very nice time during our shoot and it was so great meeting you both and chatting. I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!  

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