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December 2012

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Keep Believing

I know that life is busy and hard, and that there’s a crushing pressure to just settle down and get a real job and khaki pants and a haircut. But don’t. Please don’t. Please keep believing that life can be better, brighter, broader, because of the art that you make. Please keep demonstrating the courage that it takes to swim upstream in a world that prefers putting away for retirement to putting pen to paper, that chooses practicality over poetry, that values you more for going to the gym  ...

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2012 Favorites! {Part One} Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky Lifestyle Photographer

2012….gone already? How in the world is that possible?? 2012 was good to me. Good to my business. In 2012, I found myself more than anything. My style. My vision. My goals. They all started making sense to me and I started feeling better about who I am as a person and an artist. Learned some things the tough way…but glad to have learned them. I am 100% happy in what I am doing and where I am headed. I am so thankful for loyal clients. You all know who you are. My clients trust  ...

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Not A Button Pusher….

I always say I am not a writer…wish I could be one. So sometimes I struggle with my posts..especially the personal ones. I believe that I tell my story through images. I had a good friend/fellow photographer tell me tonight that I am not a “button pusher” that I am an artist. And you can not imitate that….you can try, but you will not succeed.  It made my night. Tears filled my eyes. Because let me tell you, I do not and will not ever become just a button pusher. I  ...

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What Life is All About | Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky Family and Children Photographer

This family is very special to me. Emily and I have been friends a long time and been through a lot together…and I am so stoked that our little girls are only a few months apart and that they will grow up together! I was so honored and so excited to be able to witness the proposal of Emily and Nate as well!! I had no idea this was even going to happen…until the beginning of the session Nate told me he had gotten her a ring and was going to ask her to marry during their  ...

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