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December 2013

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our November.

I am so behind here…so please forgive me. And yes it is December 17th and I am just now posting about November. In my defense, I did post most of these last week but the post apparently got lost somewhere out there when I switched domain names. And if are reading this, you found me with my new name. Not so much new….just shorter and easier to say to people. I dropped the photography part. Just rolls off the tongue a tad better without it if you ask me. So I will be posting our  ...

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Family Love, Little Ones

last session of 2013…. Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky Family Photographer

Last session of 2013 right here! And what a way to end…we had a wonderful time…wonderful weather. Seems like it was the last nice weekend of the year for us here considering we are in the middle of a winter storm now. I hate winter! I came back part time for the fall only this year. I did not even know if I was going to do that until the last minute. Very last minute. I mean I will always be a photographer at heart…you do not need to run a business to be that and to have  ...

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