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June 2014


11 months old….

just one more month until the big one. Wow. The first year of your baby’s life just goes to darn fast. so much happens in such a short time. I have savored every single second of her preciousness. I have left housework undone just to hold her longer. she was my little angel. It is so bittersweet. To think I was such a hot and miserable mess this time last year…and honestly that feels just like yesterday. It feels just like yesterday I was complaining about my swollen ankles or  ...

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Babies, Family Love, Little Ones

The S Family | Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky Family Photographer

I had a wonderful evening a couple of weeks ago with this family. They have been coming to JFP for awhile now so it always a pleasure to get to catch up! These two little boys will be getting a brother OR a sister this summer! I love surprises! The weather was iffy all day long of their session, but the rain finally went away (and stayed away!) and we were able to get the session done.        

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